Hybrid | Experimental | Documentary | Fiction, 69 min
Script, director, editing: Dan Dansen

Starring Dan Dansen, Zafira Vrba Woodski, Dieter Rita Scholl, Tau Salinas, Isabella Fumagalli, AnouchK Ibacka Valiente, Kay P. Rhina, Jan Suren Möllers

What were the lives of trans people like in the past time? Noa is nonbinary and is looking for trans ancestors in ancient to early modern Europe.

“To My Ancestors” ventures a quest to discover trans ancestors in Europe, as our understanding of history from a trans perspective is only beginning to take shape. It seems as if the history of trans people only begins with the Age of Enlightenment and its associated pathologization. But what did trans life look like before this time?

Noa is looking for their own history. In a binary world that seems to be created only for men and women Noa is confronted with the despair of having no history of their own. A deep longing drives Noa to find their history in the realm of the spirits: Noa creates a ritual of gender euphoria.
In the presence of queer plants Noa creates a ritualistic space to invoke the spirits who were able to live their identity in between genders euphorically, creatively and overtly. Noa creates a ritual in which ecstatic dance meets plant care and tender acts and which explores the boundaries between different species. Ultimately their invocation is answered: A dazzling nonbinary being emerges among plants. Brijta shares their memories with Noa and opens a door to a world of trans ancestors.

“To My Ancestors” is a sensual journey into the world of the ancestors, a journey that rewrites history.

Director of Photography: Antonia Pepita Giesler
Scenography: Lee Stevens | Sonja Schreiber
Costume: Maiara Izabele Del Pino
Make Up Artists: Maiara Izabele Del Pino | Charles Juchler
Music: CNM aka Orange Robinija
Sound Design | Soudn Mixing: Felicitas Heck
Color Grading: Sally Shamas
Titling: Caio Soares
Gaffer: Mathilda - thilda - Kruschel
Sound Engineer: Kathryn Fischer
VFX: Juan Pablo Ayala