Documentary, 60 min, 2013, German with English or Spanish subtitles
Screenplay and Director: Dan Dansen

In portraying the three DJs Tama Sumo, Resom & Ena Lind „Sounds Queer“ considers the question whether female DJs gain different experiences than their male colleagues. The portraits give an insight into the subjective environment of the protagonists and their conflicts in this field still dominated by men.
The protagonists tell about their different paths to electronic music and its impact on their lives: Tama Sumo started Djing in Berlin in the 1990s and now holds a residency at Berghain/Panoramabar, a club which is known all over the world. Resom moves from Leipzig to Berlin in order to further enhance her DJ-career and because she wants to organise events at ://about blank, a club run by a collective, which operates in the tradition of Techno-D.I.Y.-culture but also aims at transporting left wing political ideas. Ena Lind is the organizer of the queer and feminist „Bend Over“-events, which take place all over Europe. She now wants to approach her DJ-career more professionally.
Captured by the camera, the movie draws a fascinating portrait not only of the three protagonists but also of Berlin, feminism, nerdity, queer life, the love for music, the aspiration for self-fulfilment and Djing as a profession.

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March 2016

Nuremberg, Germany
"Sounds Queer" @ KommKino
30.03. 21:15
At KommKino, Königstr. 93, Nuremberg

February 2016

Berlin, Germany
"Sounds Queer" @ K-Fetisch
20:30 Screening and Q&A
At K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstraße 86, Berlin

January 2016

Berlin, Germany
"Sounds Queer" @ TrIQ e.V.
20:00 Screening and Q&A
At TriQ e.V., Glogauerstr. 19, Berlin
Open to WomenLesbianTrans*Inter.

November 2015

Berlin, Germany
"Sounds Queer" goes ECHOS + NETZE - Das Trans*tonale Hörfest
13:00 Filmscreening
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin

Berlin, Germany
"Sounds Queer" goes ECHOS + NETZE - Das Trans*tonale Hörfest
15:00 Filmscreening
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin